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Advanced interactive whiteboard

You can open multiple whiteboards to draw, illustrate, show diagrams, upload presentations, images or even play videos from your library.

Record live lessons

Record your live classes and share with your internal and external audience via email or social channels right after the class is over.

Server-side recording

The automated server-side recording (SSR) works in the background when a class is streaming live.

Engage your learners

Increase learner engagement with real-time audio-video and textual communication, interactive whiteboard, polls and quizzes.

Easy administration

Schedule, manage and monitor live sessions; and extract automated reports for insights into instructor, content and learner performances.

No download required

Access from any internet browser, without downloading any bulky software or plugins like Flash and Java.

Learn on-the-go

Allow learners to attend live classes on-the-go on their smartphones and tablets using our Android and iOS apps.

Smooth integration

Integrate online classroom functionality with your existing website, CMS or LMS by using developer API & plugins.

Real-time online collaboration

Drive real-time interactions with your learners during the live class. You can transfer the audio or video control to the attendees of your live session.

Integrated library

Upload, organize and store your content in the cloud and access it from anywhere at anytime. The integrated library supports all types of files.

Easy administration

Access the virtual training software from any browser and set it up within minutes.

API and Plugins

To integrate live class functionality to your website. This enables you to start delivering live classes from your LMS/CMS.



Multimedia content

Embed multimedia content (pictures, documents, videos, URLs) using our rich text editor.


Options to set rules and permissions to customize your tests.


Easy to create, launch and analyze online tests and assessments.

Comprehensive question types

Select from multiple question types (fill in the blanks, match the fields, multiple-choice questions and more) for test creation.

Fast test creation

No need to download separate software to create online tests.

Customizable platform

Create 9 types of tests with our online test generators such as MCQ test, cloze test, image label test, true-false questions and more.

Evaluation and analysis

Analysis made easy with comprehensive scorecards, detailed insights and test reports.


Prevent cheating with giving out invite-only access to test-takers and setting time limits.

Take corrective actions

Generate comprehensive scorecards after the assessments to judge the overall progress of your students.

Cheating-proof tests

Invite-only access via email or shareable link to your tests makes sure only your students can write the tests.



Course content improvement

Bring changes to your course content if the average performance of the class declines.

Personalized learning

Identify weak areas of your course content and learners with less-than-average performance.

Performance measurement

Measure the performance of your class with attendance and course completion reports.

Record keeping

Easier to keep track of your courses, learners and instructors with eLearning analytics.

Keep track of learners’ performance

Personalized learning is one of the key benefits of data-driven eLearning, course structure and course content.

ROI maximization

Get more value for your money and efforts through targeted learning supported by course and class analytics.

Improved course content

With a glimpse of what works and what doesn’t work with your learners, you can take well-informed decisions backed by data.

Class logistics management

Manage your self-paced courses and live classes with our LMS analytics.


Native apps

iOS and Android mobile applications for different devices.

Flexible learning

Course content and live class access on smartphones with our mobile learning app.

Higher Engagement

Mobile-led learning for increased course consumption and higher engagement.


Easier for learners to complete your course with mobile access to course content.

Enhanced collaboration

Real-time chats and in-app notifications for course-related updates.


Custom-designed app with your company’s logo and branding.


Generate custom coupon codes.



Start instantly

Set up your online learning portal within minutes. Create, deliver and sell online courses from one place.

Structure your course

Follow the built-in course structure and upload the content. Structuring your course is as simple as this.

Build interactive courses

Upload learning material in any format to the cloud-based content library and create interactive courses.

Define functional roles

Assign roles of admin, HOD, course creator, instructor or assessor to create functional hierarchy.

Automate admin tasks

Offload mundane admin tasks like enrollment, attendance monitoring and reporting.

Brand your courses

Tailor the look and feel and name of your portal and courses to offer branded learning experience.

Content Format

You can create all types of courses in any format. No customizations or plug-ins required.


No commission charges

Sell online courses without paying a commission on the payments made by your customers.

Instant payment with Stripe

Customers can make online payments using their credentials (name and email id) through Stripe.


Add discounts by percentage or fixed amounts.

Integrate with your course

The option to integrate a payment portal with your course ensures simple transactions without the hassle of going for a third party service provider.

Quick setup and easy navigation

One-click setup and user-friendly interface of the payment portal make the payment process stress-free.

Manage transactions

Organize your payment data and download payment reports in Excel format.

Safe and secure

Assured security of your payment transactions with PCI compliance.

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