Data Monitoring Platform


Power And Simplicity,
All In One Platform.

Easily monitor

over 1 billion

sources daily including social media, forums, blogs, and the rest of the web.

Social Analytics Automating


Don’t spend hours each week downloading data into spreadsheets, or building reports.

Fast and Shareable Reports


Unlimited custom PDF reports help show off your hard work in seconds, whenever needed.

Improved Real-time Data


Having the latest data is crucial if you want to know whether influencers are meeting their targets.

Historical Data Availability


Backfill up to 5 years of data from any tracker, hassle-free with our historical data feature.

Feature . 1

Get detailed dashboards

And understand the trends at a glance with data visualisation. Provide relevant information and grant access to your team, share reports & public views

Feature . 2

Grasp the sentiment of conversations

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Feature . 3

Never miss a story

By monitoring extensive media sources. Focus on what matters by filtering the noise thanks to our Advanced Research.

Feature . 4

Analyse and compare trends by tracking key metrics

Discover related topics with the word cloud. Get insights on competitors’ strategy with the social network competitor analysis.

Feature . 5


All the data are analyzed in the system through algorithm to filter the data in the way you want.

Feature . 6


The report gives you an insightful look at what is happening in social media. Receive daily recap with the key information of the day and Pulse emails anytime there is a peak of informations.

Feature . 7

Timeline Builder

It’s normal to see problems happen when you oversee multiple government sectors.

With many problems becoming difficult to track all of them, so we offer the
“Follow-up” system so you can make sure that every issue is solved.

See how we can help personalize your customer journey.

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